Hale Real Estate Partners (Hale) is a privately held real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition, reposition, and active management of smaller, well-located, unique, value-add multifamily properties in San Diego County.  Hale (pronounced HAH lay) is the Hawaiian word for “home” and we feel that it best represents what we are seeking to provide for our residents. 


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We believe that San Diego is one of the best places in the world to reside.  Not only are we blessed with a fantastic climate, endless natural beauty, and a vibrant cultural and culinary scene, but we’re also the 2nd largest city in California.  No place represents the Southern California lifestyle more than San Diego - young people will continue to move here in pursuit of it, and they’re looking for unique properties that reflect their individuality and desires. 


As such, we are targeting properties in coastal and uptown high-barrier-to-entry markets in San Diego County that are below institutional in size and are ideally in the 4-50 unit range.  Our properties tend to have unique layouts that lend to a lifestyle that is much more like living in a “home” and much less like being a tenant in an “apartment building”.   We place particular focus on increasing the connectivity between indoor and outdoor living by enhancing exterior amenities with functional, usable outdoor space.